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LifeWorks Training & Consultation focuses on providing coaching services for urban and marginalized individuals living and working throughout the United States.

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I’ll show you how to connect a healthy body, mind, and soul so you can live a balanced life.


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Our methods

We strive to honor and respect the uniqueness of each person through the process of:

Improving self-awareness while increasing meaning and purpose in life
Enhancing communication skills to nurture and discover healthier connections personally and professionally
Identifying obstacles that are impacting personal and professional goals
Establishing a holistic balance to improve work, life, financial, social, educational, and spiritual well-being

A more balanced life

With hands-on support and guidance for healthy living, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

Did You Know...

Zippia researchers found that of the 110,339 mental health counselors employed in the United States, 29.4% self-identify as a person of color and  11.3% self-identify as Black, and the American Psychological Association (APA) reports that 4 percent of psychologists are Black.


Having someone that looks like them and can relate to a person's lived experience, and speak their language is a specific ability that is essential for raising awareness and eradicating the stigma of seeking counseling within urban communities. 

Hi! I’m Dr. Erica, a healing life coach, and counselor. I work with clients to heal their body and soul from the inside out so they can live a life of power, presence, and purpose.

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One-On-One Coaching

Optimize You! is designed for individuals looking for a personalized experience to focus on understanding themselves, raising self-awareness, and finding purpose and passion for holistically optimizing their life. 

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Group Coaching Cohorts

LifeWorks Optimize! is a six-week group coaching cohort for high-achieving professionals who want to raise their self-awareness, find their purpose and passion, and optimize their lives holistically within a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

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Enroll in one of our self-paced, self-guided courses to gain the tools you need to overcome the impostor phenomenon, become holistically well - mind, body, and soul, and learn how to make life choices that support your well-being.

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