Optimize Your Life. 

Improve Your Well-Being. 

Optimize You! is designed for high-achieving urban professionals who desire to overcome obstacles impacting their personal and professional goals.

I Want In!

You have been grinding to build your career and climb the corporate ladder. 


You work so hard to provide a dream life for yourself and your family, but now your career demands have eclipsed everything else in your life. 

Your social life has gone by the wayside.

Your family complains that you spend more time on the computer than with them.

And no matter how much money you make, you never seem to make enough to feel comfortable enough to rest. 


I get it! Trust me!


I started on the career climb for the same reasons and quickly realized it is NOT for the faint of heart. 

It wasn't until I got utterly fed up trying to chase perceived success that I finally made the shift to pursue holistic life success.

And many of my coaching and clinical clients have experienced the same thing.


You are not alone.


When I tapped into my intrinsic value and found support in healing childhood trauma, I began to raise my self-awareness, discover healthier ways to connect with my loved ones and reach my professional goals.

Now I'm empowered to help goal chasers like you achieve the same results. 




An individualized program designed for high-achieving professionals who want to raise their self-awareness, find their purpose and passion, and optimize their lives! 

In this coaching program, you be able to:

  • Establish a holistic balance to restore physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  • Identify obstacles that are impacting personal and professional goals
  • Improve communication to nurture and discover healthier connections personally and professionally
  • Discover skills to implement work-life balance 
  • Encourage self-exploration to find meaning and purpose 



I Want In!

Individualized Support

You do not have to go through your growth transition alone.

Qualified Leadership

Get coached by a board-certified mental health professional. 

Ongoing Support

Connect with us through our tech resources for ongoing help and support.

Life Doesn't Have to Be This Hard

As you and I both know, adulting is hard. That's without the added pressure of raising a family,  maintaining a social life, and successfully managing work demands. Most of our lives are so unstable that we can only recognize the forced imbalance when confronted with a challenge or a mirror.

Also, with the increase of social media and the "metaverse," it is becoming increasingly draining to keep up. It's just too hard to maintain a positive sense of self-worth anymore!

Once you find a community amongst people like you, you realize you are not alone and are not "crazy." And with a supportive, clinically trained coach, who has helped clients overcome unthinkable challenges, you will be armed and ready to stand firm, communicate effectively, and live your life fully - no holding back. 

Shame, impostor phenomenon, self-doubt - BE GONE! 

Join our individualized program you will receive accountability and empowerment to reach your life goals. 

I Want In!

Life Coaching that Fits You!

  • Optimize You! is designed for individuals looking for a personalized experience with Dr. Erica to focus on understanding themselves, raising self-awareness, and finding purpose and passion for optimizing their life. The goal is to Awaken the Inner You!

    Similar to the group sessions, you will experience the following:

    • Open, honest, non-judgmental feedback
    • Creative solutions and communications strategies
    • At-home exercises and worksheets to help implement your new life changes


  • Unique to One-on-One sessions, you will benefit from the following:

    • Personalized sessions
    • Weekly communication via text or email
    • 10% discount from the Holistic-Aromatherapy store
    • Free digital Boundaries Workbook
I Want In!

About Dr. Erica

Hey there! I'm Dr. Erica — Lead Coach at LifeWorks Training and Consultation. I am super passionate about helping my clients realize their full potential.  I have a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and 19 years of experience in clinical settings and private practice. 

My areas of expertise and interest are enhancing self-awareness, reducing imposter phenomenon belief(s), relationship and family coaching, and purpose-driven strategies such as personal and professional development.

My areas of expertise and interest are depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and relational and multicultural concerns.

I aim to ensure that professionals like you get the support they deserve. Too many AMAZING people are overlooked, undervalued, and feel out of place — even in relationships with others. This leads to a loss of confidence in your signature sauce and, ultimately, many other physical and mental issues.

And it isn't that you aren't fabulous. It's that you haven't fully tapped into your brilliance! And to me, that's unacceptable. 

I, too, struggled with the imposter phenomenon. I was hiding from success, hanging in the background, and unwilling to let my light shine as it was intended to truly. One day, I was utterly fed up with my lackluster career and home life, and a lightbulb went off for me.  

Through my training in humanistic therapies, I realized there were some mental and emotional blocks I needed to overcome. And I knew I wasn't the only person struggling in this same way because client after client was coming to me with the same issues.  

You are not alone. I am here to support your growth journey. 

Who This Is For
(...and who it is NOT for)

Optimize You! is for go-getting professionals who:

  • Know they have greatness buried inside but don’t know how to tap into it
  • Are you dealing with trauma, relationship issues, or career challenges
  • Feel misunderstood, unheard, or alone at work or home
  • Are serious about investing time and effort into their excellence
  • Seek genuine community support and respect while offering the same to others

Optimize You! is NOT for people who:

  • Are looking for a specific outcome or result without taking personal responsibility
  • Do not like to be challenged or cannot handle constructive feedback
  • Are not respectful and empathetic to the concerns of others
  • Do not value diversity and acceptance in all of its facets
  • Are not ready to invest time and effort into their personal excellence

Still Got Questions? 

Here’s What Others Have Said…


Upon meeting Dr. Erica through Therapy for Black Girls, I immediately felt a safe connection.  She is a great listener and always reminds me of my progress, which I most of the time forget.  No matter the weeks I have had prior to seeing her, as soon as we connect, I automatically begin to smile.  I always feel like I'm reconnecting with a friend.  The comfortability and safety is exactly what I was looking for and what I needed to help me realize a bunch of truths within my past and my present life; in addition to visualizing what I want my future to look like.

 I am so thankful to God for connecting me with Dr. Erica Wade!  My present is so much more manageable and my future no longer seems dark.  Thank you Dr. Erica! 


I personally loved the 1-on-1 sessions but I also love the group sessions. I wasn't comfortable talking about my personal life or my thoughts in general but Dr. Wade introduced me to the group sessions. These sessions were powerful and always had intriguing topics. Dr. Wade asked me questions that no one has ever asked me. Her style made me feel like someone cared about me and she was genuinely trying to get to know me and understand me.

She has a way of connecting with people and bringing out their greatness. She is filled with knowledge and experience! It's hard not to receive something in normal conversation so I highly recommend her services.


Dr. Wade knows what she is doing! She is kind and patient and she doesn’t give you answers, we all have them inside of us and she helps you find it!

Dr. Wade came at a time when I was sitting in discomfort and she helped me realize that I was just growing.