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About me

Hey there!

I'm Dr. Erica — Lead Coach at LifeWorks Training and Consultation. I am super passionate about helping my clients realize their full potential. 

I have a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision along with 19 years of experience in clinical settings and private practice.

My areas of expertise and interest are enhancing self-awareness, reducing imposter phenomenon belief(s), relationship and family coaching, and purpose-driven strategies such as personal and professional development.

My Goal

To ensure that professionals like you get the support they deserve.


Too many AMAZING people are overlooked, undervalued, and feel out of place — even if they’re in relationships with others. This leads to a loss of confidence in your signature sauce, and ultimately, many other issues both physically and mentally.

And it isn’t that you aren’t absolutely fabulous. It’s that you haven’t fully tapped into your own brilliance! And to me, that’s unacceptable.

My Why

I, too, struggled with imposter phenomenon.


I was hiding from success, hanging in the background, and unwilling to truly let my light shine as it was intended to. Until one day I was completely fed up with my lackluster career and home life, and a lightbulb went off for me.

Through my training in humanistic therapies, I was able to realize there were some mental and emotional blocks that I needed to overcome. And I knew I wasn’t the only person who was struggling in this same way because client after client was coming to me with the same issues.

You are not alone. I am here to support your growth journey.

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