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Introducing Y.O.U. - The Year of You Series

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Have you ever had a moment where you wished you could quickly chat with your therapist?

Have you ever wished you could have on-demand access to your coach?


Welcome to the Year of You or Y.O.U.!


The closest thing to having your therapist or coach around 24/7.


Y.O.U. is a series of newsletters and blogs that contain on-the-go strategies for overcoming new or challenging situations with confidence as you build your successful life.

The mission of Y.O.U. is to promote your personal and professional growth by optimizing your health and well-being and encouraging positive behaviors for navigating everyday scenarios now and in the future.

Upcoming topics for this series:

  • Building Your Foundation 
  • You have a C.H.O.I.C.E!
  • Unmasking the Impostor!
  • Let's Talk Y.O.U!
  • De-Stress Fest!
  • Move your Body, Love your Body - Positivity Mix!


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